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Regular Prayer, Worship and Study

Every Sunday 11:00 a.m. Morning worship with Holy Communion (First Sunday in Month: shared lunch after the service)
During Term Time:
Sunday 5.30 p.m. KISS: Evening worship led for students by students, followed by fellowship over a simple free meal. (First Sunday in the month: Holy Communion, led by a chaplain.)
Monday 5.00 p.m. Rush Hour choir
  5.45 p.m. Guitar lesson – free
  7.00 p.m. Creative Reactions
Tuesday 12.00 p.m. Lim-tê Khai-káng (Tea & Talk in Taiwanese)
6.30 p.m. Reflect: Group chanting and prayer
6.45 p.m. Interfaith discussion group (St Anselm Hall)
Wednesday 12.15 -12.45 p.m. Holy Communion (in the Walkway Prayer Room)
  12.45 p.m. Free Soup & Roll lunch
  1.00 p.m.. FOCUS Group for Orthodox students
  1.15 p.m.. Bible Study
  7.00 p.m. Table Talk
Thursday 12.15 p.m.. Quaker Meeting for Worship (every third Thursday – in the Walkway Prayer Room)
  6.00 p.m.. Tai Chi lesson (Free)
  7.30 -9.30 p.m. Student Christian Movement – Manchester
Friday 4.00 p.m. Christian Meditation
  6.00 p.m. Mandarin Group
Saturday 12.00 p.m. Mandarin family group (every other Saturday)


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Diary for May 2014

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Events are at St Peter's House unless otherwise stated

3rdSat 20140503T09000010:00-20140503T15300016:30 T4412Church Walk . Come and join us for a dayís walk through the River Tame Valley in Cheshire. Starting in Woodley we will follow the river to Reddish Vale Country Park and then to itís end in Stockport, where it joins the river Goyt to become the river Mersey. The walk is about 6 miles long and generally flat, although there are a few short stretches of up and down and it will be muddy in places. We will meet at Manchester Piccadily station at 1015 to buy tickets before catching the 1035 train to Woodley; an adult off peak single to Woodley is £3.80, with a railcard (Young Person/Senior) it is £2.50. Please bring a packed lunch with you, hot and cold drinks are available at Reddish Vale Visitor Centre. For more information contact Alison (a.m.thomlinson@talk21.com) or Dave (D.T.Shield@Liverpool.ac.uk).
4thSun 20140504T10000011:00-20140504T13000014:00 T4413Morning worship, then Church Lunch .
After the service there will be a Church Lunch. Please bring along food to share, but more importantly please stay to share this meal with us.
20140504T16300017:30-20140504T17300018:30 T4433KISS .
6thTue 20140506T17300018:30-20140506T18300019:30 T4389Reflect
7thWed 20140507T11150012:15-20140507T11450012:45 T4441Midday Prayer .
20140507T11450012:45-20140507T12150013:15 T4447Free Soup & Roll lunch
11thSun 20140511T10000011:00-20140511T11150012:15 T4414Morning worship with Holy Communion .
Readings: Acts 4:13-22
Psalm 18:46-50
John 21:20-25
Read the lections using the oremus Bible Browser
President: Shou-Hui Chung
Preacher: Jayne Prestwood
20140511T16300017:30-20140511T18300019:30 T4434KISS: Reflective, student-led worship, followed by free food .
13thTue 20140513T17300018:30-20140513T18300019:30 T4388Reflect
14thWed 20140514T11150012:15-20140514T11450012:45 T4442Midday Prayer .
20140514T11450012:45-20140514T12150013:15 T4448Free Soup & Roll lunch
18thSun 20140518T10000011:00-20140518T11150012:15 T4415Morning worship with Holy Communion .
Readings: 1 Timothy 4:6-16
Psalm 28
Luke 15:4-10
Read the lections using the oremus Bible Browser
President: Terry Biddington
Preacher: Rohan Gideon
20140518T16300017:30-20140518T18300019:30 T4435KISS: Reflective, student-led worship, followed by free food .
20thTue 20140520T17300018:30-20140520T18300019:30 T4390Reflect
21stWed 20140521T11150012:15-20140521T11450012:45 T4443Midday Prayer .
20140521T11450012:45-20140521T12150013:15 T4449Free Soup & Roll lunch
25thSun 20140525T10000011:00-20140525T11150012:15 T4416Morning worship with Holy Communion .
Readings: Revelation 19:1-10
Psalm 68.17-20
Mark 8:1-10
Read the lections using the oremus Bible Browser
President: Jayne Prestwood
Preacher: Terry Biddington
20140525T16300017:30-20140525T18300019:30 T4436KISS: Reflective, student-led worship, followed by free food .
27thTue 20140527T17300018:30-20140527T18300019:30 T4391New Event
28thWed 20140528T11150012:15-20140528T11450012:45 T4444Midday Prayer .
20140528T11450012:45-20140528T12150013:15 T4450Free Soup & Roll lunch
29thThu 20140529T11150012:15-20140529T11450012:45 T4445Holy Communion for Ascension Day .
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United Reformed Church - Northwestern Province
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