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Pray for all those affected by last night’s bombing in Manchester

23rd May 2017

St Peter’s House and chaplaincy is open today for quiet reflection and prayer. There is also the opportunity to light a candle for those affected by the terrible events last night. Our thoughts and prayers for all those who have lost loved ones.

The Power of Persuasion

22nd May 2017

The power of persuasion….and money-off discounts! I couldn’t resist and so I’ve signed up to run the Manchester 10K as part of the University of Manchester’s Purple Wave. With just under a week to go, it would probably be a good idea to up my training. …

Hello bright young student with enquiring mind!

8th May 2017

Hello bright young student with enquiring mind! Yes, we’re looking at you… Come a little closer don’t be shy… Now you’re sitting comfortably let us introduce ourselves. We are the chaplaincy team at St Peter’s House – which basically means that we offe …

Whatever the future may be.

2nd May 2017

I ended up on the Telegraph website the other day, (not on purpose, you know what happens when you click on one article from Facebook), after pondering what to blog about this week. I came across two articles that confirmed my theme of vocation, discer …

Know Your Onions. And Your Parsnips.

25th April 2017

Parsnips. Now, that word might not thrill you as it does me, but I love parsnips. And pretty soon, we’ll be growing our own here at St Peter’s. We’re getting raised beds on the lawn at the back of the building. Three to begin with, growing root veg, sa …


16th April 2017

#HeIsRisen Post-truth, fake news, trending #NotAnAprilFools …. the line between real and not real is so thin it’s hard to know which ‘side’ anything falls on. Post-modernity is all well and good – and there’s nothing wrong with a critical mind, getting …

Knock, Knock…Who’s there?

23rd March 2017

Oh, it’s opportunity! Yes, the winds of change are blowing at St Peter’s House – and whilst change brings challenge, it also brings a hefty helping of opportunity.

What Is Your Song for Mothering Sunday?

21st March 2017

The history of ‘Mothering Sunday’ reminds us that it was an opportunity for all people to return to their ‘mother church’, during which family reunions happened, as the domestic workers and apprentices were given a day off to spend time with their fami …

Called to be

10th March 2017

Hi, I’m Rach. I work for SCM the Student Christian Movement as the North West Regional Development Worker, and I’m based at St Peter’s House

The Bees’ Knees

21st February 2017

“I’ve been stung lots,” says Sam, with a grim look as we stand shivering in the February drizzle on the roof of St Peter’s. “Once on the face.” Ben and I share a look of barely contained horror and sudden realisation of what we’ve agreed to – which is …

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