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Hello bright young student with enquiring mind!

Hello bright young student with enquiring mind! Yes, we’re looking at you… Come a little closer don’t be shy…

Now you’re sitting comfortably let us introduce ourselves. We are the chaplaincy team at St Peter’s House – which basically means that we offer chaplaincy stuff to all the students and staff at The University of Manchester, Man Met and the RNCM. “Chaplaincy stuff?” you ask. A wise and insightful question – we knew you looked clever!

We’re the Christian chaplaincy but we’re here for all people, no matter what they believe (or don’t), and our big take-home point is that we don’t have all the answers but are on a rather exciting journey of discovery into what it all means. We’re interested in people, faith, community, meaning, purpose, the search for understanding… and the more we ponder, the more we realise that all these things are connected. In fact, we reckon that they’re all better, bigger, bolder when one thing leads to another (and back again).

Anyway, we can’t do this alone. From September, we want to shake things up around here – we want to welcome people in new ways, to offer chances to get involved, to grow our St Peter’s House community into a buzzy little hive of curiosity and life-enriching encounters. We have big dreams and we’re not afraid to use them! Want to join us?

Get ready for some alliteration: We are seeking four of the finest. Four students who can rise to a challenge. Four fellow explorers who will join our journey and help us build something new. Four fabulous folk (Ok, enough now) who get our vision. People who have an understanding that God isn’t something we can box up neatly and offer to the world, but something we work out every day and can show through the beating heart of all we do.

Ps. We’ll also pay you actual money, support you, and generally help you become an even more amazing person.

Interested? Of course you are… So, read this pack for all the details and then do not waste one moment and apply at once for this most marvellous of opportunities!

The deadline is 30th May, 12 noon, 2017, and the charming Chaplain waiting to hear from you is

Or download the information pack here: SCA Information pack

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