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Manchester campus

Revd Ben Edson (Warden)

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0161 275 2894

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m the Warden at St Peter’s House.

This means that I oversee the chaplains, the building and our relationship with the Universities.

Alongside that I’m always willing to meet with staff and students to talk through the big things and the small things of life.

Revd Caroline Ryder (Lead Chaplain for MMU)

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0161 275 2894

Hi, I’m Caroline and I have the privilege of being a full-time chaplain at St Peter’s House.

I enjoy supporting people in an academic environment and am passionate about holistic wellbeing, having also trained as a counsellor and fitness instructor.

Revd Shou-Hui Chung (for Mandarin speaking community)

0161 275 2894

Hello, I’m Shou-Hui, the Taiwanese Chaplain to Mandarin speaking students and staffs of Universities and also to young professionals.

It’s my privilege to meet you here and I will be more than happy to share with you a balanced life between mind, body and also spirit no matter what religion you have.

Revd Raj Patta

0161 275 2894

Hi I am Raj and serve as an Honorary Chaplain at St Peter’s House ministering to the higher education community in Manchester.

I bring in an international academic perspective to the Chaplaincy engaging in open conversations with people of all walks of life.

Honorary chaplains

Please contact via St Peter’s House.

  • Revd Rebecca Craven (Anglican)
  • Rachel Kirkwood (Society of Friends)
  • Revd Hayley Matthews (Anglican: Owens Park)
  • Fr Gregory Hallam (Orthodox)
  • Revd Raj Patta (Lutheran)
  • Revd David Edwards (MMU Crewe)
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