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A Better Story

A New Year’s Imagination - St Peter's House

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St Peter's House Chaplaincy Video

A Better Story: St Peter’s House Chaplaincy Christmas Video 🎥
Lots of us can’t get to our normal community events or places of worship this Christmas, so we’ve done our usual carol service differently this year.

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We did things we never thought we’d do. Surreal became normal. Everything stopped.

We thought, “it’s not so bad!” We nosedived. We raged against our losses, and grieved those lost forever. We baked sourdough bread and discovered our green spaces. We learned the value of connection …and felt the weight of arms that cannot hug.

There’s no message of certainty, and no words that can bridge our way back home.
And so we offer this; All Will Be Well….

Breathe deep, and hear these words of hope. Deep hope, and – yes – questions. Questions that may shape everything this year. When and how will things be ‘well’, and what will ‘well’ even look like?

All Will Be Well… a mantra, perhaps. Words to carry into uncertainty. Words to walk with into the unknown.

All Will Be Well.

All Will Be Well: The Programme

All Will Be Well is a medieval message reimagined for the emerging ‘not normal’. 

A year of stories, events, times to count our losses and times to share what we learnt. Pilates and poetry, gong-baths to gardening, laughter or tears. Meditations to Mandarin festival nights, yoga to baking, it is a programme for those journeying with questions, with hope, with loss, or with fear.

It is for those who feel lonely, or those who long to be alone. It’s for those yearning for ‘Before Covid’, and those looking so far ahead they don’t notice the life right here right now. 

It’s for all of us who dare to believe that – somehow, in some way – All Will Be Well.

If you are here because life is hard and you have been referred to The Well, or if you are simply curious, you’ll find the fulness of life here. All Will Be Well? Explore this every day with us, through our rich and varied programme. 

The Well Team

Meet the team behind ‘The Well’ at St Peter’s House, chaplaincy to Manchester’s universities.

Hannah Skinner

 “Not all of the right decisions are easy decisions…” This has been Hannah’s mantra since deciding not to re-open Milk & Honey, and instead to re-direct the creativity and resources of the team to serving the community in a new way amidst the covid-challenges. Director of development and engagement, Hannah created and is overseeing The Well project –  and to earn her keep you’ll also find her popping up throughout our online programme, or working on day-to-day delivery of The Well with the team. 

Ben Edson

Working at St Peter’s House we never get to do one role for long…. Ben, who is Director of the organisation, is currently involved in all aspects of The Well. From building the new home of the Milk & Honeypot, to recording bodyscan meditations for our online programme, Ben’s skills have taken him in all directions. Alongside this he’s been ensuring that the building is covid-secure for the team, volunteers and visitors, and re-awakening the building from it’s long lock-down period. 

Ben Limb

Ben has been busy un-learning all his Head Chef ways for The Well – dropping his usual kitchen wizardry in favour of learning to ’Think Like A Home Cook’. Collecting food from around Manchester donated by partner charities and organisations (read more [here]), he comes up with simple recipes that anyone could prepare from scratch at home. The magic remains in his ability to make half a tin of chickpeas, a few spices and a couple of humble veg into a delicious and nutritious meal every time. 

Chris Collins

Usually behind the counter at Milk & Honey café, Café Manager Chris is currently in chillier climes – he’s spending the season running the Milk & Honeypot outside St Peter’s House. Our tiny take-away is an essential part of The Well work, directing passers-by to the project’s aims and vision whilst raising funds to support the work. Chris also is a crucial part of our volunteer programme, helping to think through our induction and training plans and then working alongside volunteers day-by-day as our community grows.

Tracy Saltsman

Team PA Tracey holds things together in our office, and indeed in our little corner of the world. Whether food needs collecting, databases need compiling, recipe cards need printing or deliveries need chasing… Tracey’s on it. The Well is a complex web at times, and Tracey is the Mama Spider criss-crossing all over it and making sure all the ends are tied up nicely.

James Newman

Brave James began the epic job in September of dragging St Peter’s House digital life into the twenty-first century. Grasping the vision of The Well, pushing this down a million technical tubes and squeezing something shiny and bright out the other end, Digital Comms Officer James is bringing our online world to life. Whether filming in our Wholeness studio, editing videos, website work or social media management – James is always busy connecting and communicating our stories and message.

Selena Tai

As Chaplaincy Assistant to the Mandarin Community, planning events and drawing international students into the wider work of St Peter’s House, Selena helps to make The Well a place of welcome for people from around the world. From working with volunteers to translate our Well Pack recipes for non-English speakers, to planning and welcoming people into our Mandarin Pilates sessions every fortnight, Selena brings a global flavour to the Well.

Amy Davies

A Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga teacher, Amy weaves compassionate awareness of how bodies and minds are feeling into her teaching style. Whether at Live sessions or throughout the build-your-own programme, Amy’s style emphasises developing ease within your own being, gently accepting a deeper sense of embodiment. Her calm and gentle presence radiates from the screen as in reality – bringing a sense of peace to The Well much needed in these turbulent times.

Esmeralda Smit

“The awareness that yoga gives you is one of the best things you can do for yourself”, says Esmeralda, and we’re inclined to agree. It ain’t all bending and lotus positions… yoga has given us the ability during lock-down to ping our minds out of the present and get back into our bodies. Teaching hatha yoga – which means you’ll find a calm and gentle yoga flow style – Esmeralda brings a warm and approachable style to her sessions that is perfect for those just dipping a baby-yogic toe to the more experienced yogi.  

Azariah France-Williams

Newly arrived in Manchester, Azariah is Priest at the Church of the Ascension in Hulme and – like many of us –is having to find his feet quickly amidst the challenges of covid-19.

He is a lover of storytelling, one day would love to develop a graphic novels range, and is always exploring ways to communicate about being human and God-stories within public spaces. He brings that exploration to The Well – and his reflections, stories and meditations are full of questions to leave us pondering.

Rachel Morris

Strength from within… that’s a central theme of Pilates –  which focusses on those all-important core muscles that hold us both in and up – and that’s what radiates from Rachel in her on-screen sessions. Salford based, Rachel lives with her two little boys and will teach fitness to anyone who lets her. Inclusive and accessible, her relaxed style of teaching makes her sessions for The Well a great place to try out a new Pilates practice. 

Fatimah Ashrif

Fatimah contributes podcast reflections to The Well which are perfect for those times when you just need to sink into something deeper. Fatimah is a member of the Mevlevi Sufi Order, and also leads the work of Rumi’s Circle in South Manchester, an inter-spiritual space that shares the words and spiritual practices of the 13th Century Muslim mystic, Rumi. Seeking a spiritual and woman-led approach to faith matters, Fatimah brings fresh perspectives and wonderful words to The Well that will take you to new places.

Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen

 You’ll hear Robyn’s voice on some of our short podcasts, sharing her perspectives and wisdom on the world as she sees it. Being the first female Rabbi in Manchester is definitely A Thing, and moreover her podcasts are worth a listen as Robyn is one of the warmest and wisest people with a lot to say about a lot of issues! Her top topics include community building and social justice, but feminism and talking-truth-to-power are also way up there –have a listen.

Craig Winterburn

Craig went to MMU in 1994 to study arts in the community, and has been a practicing community artist and teacher ever since. With more than 20 years of teaching experience, Craig has previously been involved in delivering drumming workshops at many festivals, and to numerous community groups, including those communities at risk of isolation. From drum kit player to guitar and songwriting, harmonicas, African drumming and culture, to gongs. Forty years later, Craig’s still feels like there’s so much more to learn… What’s next?