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‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

The University of Manchester Carol Concert is a grand way to wrap up the year.  We sing some Classic Christmas Carols, listen to a few seasonal readings and go away feeling full of festive cheer. This year we’ll be collecting money for the DePaul Trust, a young persons homelessness charity, who have their Manchester Hub…

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You are Enough

  There’s something new, big, bold and true towering over the buses and passers-by on Oxford Road. Next time you pass by St Peter’s House, look up… the message is for you! Our new campaign message, ‘You Are Enough’, accompanied by a giant graphic print by Manchester artist Micah Purnell, launches this week and will…

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Wholeness Programme Support Volunteer Required

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Teilhard de Chardin What does it mean to be truly whole? For your mind, body, soul – the unique essence of you – to flourish and thrive? If you’d like to explore this, whilst getting some work experience…

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We’re recruiting – Join the team at SPH

Job 1: Team PA and Finance Assistant We’re holding out for a hero! A super-organised, highly competent and experienced bookkeeper shaped hero, who will join our team and support all the developing areas of St Peter’s House life and ministry. Its a great place to work, and has evolved at a head-spinning rate over the…

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‘The Love Bee’ Launch

Bee in the City is set to be one of the best things about this summer – that and weeks of wall-to-wall sunshine (long may it last). A public art trail around Manchester, with 80+ giant bee sculptures crafted by professional and emerging artists, visitors will weave a huge interactive trail throughout the city, and one…

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The Love Bee is Coming

We’re getting a Bee!  And no, not the honey making, pollen collecting, waggle dancing variety (we’ve already got about 10,000 on our roof) but of the Bee in City variety. Our Bee will be called the Love Bee and it is being designed by a Artist called Nisha Grover.  She’s based in Birmingham and her…

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Milk & Honey café…. Abundant Good, Proper Coffee, and You

‘The land of milk and honey’ is a place described in books of old as a rich place of abundance and blessing. A fertile land, where good things grow and there is enough for everybody. When I think about what this place would be like I imagine a place of justice and imagination – not…

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The Sting in the Tale

Frontman of white-reggae band the Police, and sometime rainforest-botherer, Sting, was called Sting because he was known for wearing a black and yellow striped jumper that made him look like a bee (in a certain light, if you squinted your eyes a bit). Our bees don’t look like they’re wearing black and yellow striped jumpers…

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