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Yoga For the Healing Journey

The Wholeness programme at St Peter’s House encompasses and explores the fullness of life. We believe that everything belongs within the human journey – all experiences take their place within the great tapestry of living, and we don’t hide from the painful truths and hard realities. Living with chronic pain, fatigue or stress can drain the colour from life, making it hard to connect with physical experiences that are enjoyable or joyful.

We wanted to offer a session for people who are experiencing these painful realities – a space for those who may not feel able to access other classes, or who are looking for something soothing in hard times.

Avi, who is part of our Wholeness team here at St Peter’s House, will be facilitating these sessions each week . Here’s a little introduction to her and her practice:

“I have been practising yoga for over 25 years. Initially I was looking for a form of exercise but over the years have discovered yoga to be about so much more than the physical postures. During a time of personal stress yoga offered me a way to find some calm, and when I later began to experience chronic fatigue I returned to a gentle practice in order to help to restore some energy to my body and mind.  I have now come to teach a style of mindful, slow flowing yoga drawing on the hatha tradition mixed with some somatic movement.  This brings together mind, body and breath in a grounding gentle practice which is suitable for beginners of all fitness levels.

Yoga for the Healing Journey will be focused on calming and supporting our nervous systems through some gentle, breath-led movement.  By slowing the movement down we are able to be more mindful of what feels comfortable – not what we think we should be striving for.  As we stay in the present, in touch with our own experience, we find the opportunity to move in a gentle, safe way – meeting the body where it is and experiencing the joy of simply being.”

Yoga for the Healing Journey is free, and we are running the sessions on a drop-in basis, aware that it’s not always possible to know in advance how ‘possible’ the session will feel for people living with chronic fatigue, stress or pain. However, as we would like Yoga for the Healing Journey to be a calm and safe environment, we have limited the numbers to 10 people – so please so arrive in good time to ensure your space! Please wear something that will be comfortable to move in and a layer to keep you warm when you are lying still and relaxing.  You will need to let your body guide you to what is appropriate for you and will be invited not to do anything which feels uncomfortable.

If you have any medical conditions that you are concerned about please check with a health professional if gentle yoga practice will be appropriate for you.

Avi will be available for a few minutes before the session for further advice, and within the team at St Peter’s House we have much of our own experience of life’s ups-and-downs. We are always happy to meet for informal support – please email us.

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