The Well Recipes

Each week we serve up simple recipes for The Well users – but they’re also available for
anyone else to access. We love to share…

Match up the recipe numbers to the cookery-classes and follow along as our team cooks each meal with you. Each dish is quick but tasty, using a few simple and affordable ingredients to create a heart-and-soul-warming dinner for one.

You can find our cooking class videos here.

The Well Packs

Every week we’re providing Well Packs containing food for those who need it across the campus area and beyond into our local community. Partners across the Universities and wider Hulme area (covering postcode M15) make referrals to The Well, and we respond using all the Milk &Honey magic in our mixing-bowls….

  • Well Pack A
    Well Pack A offers seven dinner-kits a week, ensuring that there’ll be at least one hot, healthy and delicious meal with plenty of left-overs each day. We provide the fresh and dry ingredients, recipe cards and online cookery step-by-step classes for each meal – everything made simple so that eating well becomes a simple pleasure.
  • Well Pack B
    Well Pack B is for those within our community who need a little more TLC right now. Prepared and cooked in Milk & Honey, then packaged-up and delivered to the plates of our sisters and brothers across campus and beyond – Well Pack B big on flavour, but bigger on love.
  • Well Pack C
    Well Pack C is aimed more at those of us who sometimes feel a little bit lost – especially at the moment. With food needs not top of the agenda, Well Pack C is aimed more towards community and connection… but that doesn’t stop us providing good-for-the-soul bakes, cakes and sweet treats. 

All of our food and cooking provision is just half of the picture. It’s all shaken, stirred and muddled up with the wider programme… they feed each other and make each other richer.

Our Partners

On the wall in Milk & Honey, we have a mural, drawn by a friend of ours when we opened two-and-a-half years ago. “We believe in the abundant good in our fine city of Manchester”, it begins…. Lockdown has shown us just how fragile much of life is – including our food supply. At Milk & Honey we work with local suppliers, and also with growers to use up surplus harvests to minimise food waste.

The Well Project has been able to take things further, drawing on the desire of so many to work together to tackle the problems caused by COVID-19. We’re working with smaller partners organisations who share our vision – some are donating freshly baked loaves each week, whilst others who work across the country to redistribute surplus food from the food industry. From Foodbanks to farmers, urban growers to local family wholesalers… we’re grateful for all the support. You’re helping us make The Well happen.


“Good things come together at Milk & Honey café.”


Get in touch for more information or to work with us:

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