St Peter's House, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

Chaplaincy to The Manchester Universities. The RNCM & The University Of Law.

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Stronger Together Pilates

With Rachel

Pilates is all about strength, balance and alignment, and – seriously – have we ever been in more need of being strong, well-balanced and getting things a little more lined up?! This session gives you the chance to do something for yourself – Stand taller! Stronger! 

Monday at 12:30 

(45 mins)

Yoga for beginners

With Esmerelda

Introducing some principles of yoga philosophy. We’ll explore foundational postures at a gentle pace and practice different breathing exercises. Ideal for those dipping their toes into yogic waters, or hoping to gain back-to-basics confidence. 

Monday at 2:00 pm

(1 hour) 


Breakfast Yoga

With Esmeralda

Imagine where your day could take you when it begins like this…Come and find out with us at this early-bird session, which incorporates a 30 minute yoga wake-up for your mind and body followed by breakfast in Milk & Honey. Suitable for all levels.


Tuesday at 8:30 am

(60 mins)

Students: £4.00

Non Students: £7.50

Price Includes Breakfast

morning pause

With the team from SPH

A moment to slow down and prepare for the day to come. Biblical scripture and prayers from the Christian tradition are used, and all are welcome to join the team.


Tuesday at 9:30

(30 mins)


With Hannah

After the pandemic many of us may feel trapped in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Explore how mindfulness can soothe the nervous system, treating ourselves with kindness and allowing ourselves to simply ‘be’.

Wholeness Studio 

Tuesday at 12:40 pm

(20 mins)

bake it 'till you make it

With Daniel

Your Cafe Needs You! Pick up some sweet baking skills alongside our chef in this weekly Baking Masterclass. You’ll love seeing your creations in our famous cake counter, whilst you pick up kitchen tips-and-tricks and build an impressive sweet-treat repertoire.

Tuesday at 2:00 pm

(2-3 hrs)

Mandarin Community Festival

In Mandarin

Celebrating all things in Mandarin! I Join The Mandarin Community for this social gathering with food, conversation and a lot of laughs!

Following our Facebook page to find out new topic for each session:

9th Nov, 14th Dec, 11th Jan 


yoga to energise

With Chloe

 Sun salutations, even on the darkest mornings of the year. Using breath-synchronised sequences, we’ll help you get your glow on and heart pumping as we head into winter. Some experience helpful with this one.

Wednesday at 9.00 aM

(45 mins)

Bee-Keeping for Beginners

With Ben

The busy bees on our roof are a hardworking bunch. We’ve been using and selling the honey from our hives in Milk & Honey café, which is about as local honey as it can possibly be! 
Beekeeping at SPH has two parts to it, there is a theory and practical element to it.  The theory part has finished for this year, but if you want to get involved with the practicals then please sign up.  (Place are limited)

Wednesday at 12:30 PM

(60 mins)

Hello There: milk & honey volunteer introduction

With the team from SPH

Fancy joining Team Milk & Honey? Our non-profit café is run by a diverse but universally fabulous group of volunteers. 

The team serve, cook, welcome and generally grow our community – making Milk & Honey magic every day. If you’d like to get involved, this session will tell you how

Wednesday at 2:30 PM

(45 mins)


morning pause

With the team from SPH

A moment to slow down and prepare for the day to come. Biblical scripture and prayers from the Christian tradition are used, and all are welcome to join the team.


Thursday at 9:30

(30 mins)

Lunch break gardening

With Choel

Step away from your desk and join us for as long as you like over your lunch-hour. Sow some seeds, pull some weeds, switch off while you can. Equipment provided, but come willing to get your hands mucky

Thursday at 12-2:00

(Stay as long a you like)

cook school

Build cooking confidence,  join our Milk & Honey team as they share some essential kitchen tips. There’ll also be cooking demo’s, tasters and the opportunity to pick up some recipes to impress.

Thursday at 2:30

(90 mins)

Pilates In Mandarin

With Annie and Iris [In Mandarin]

AnnieJoin our popular “Pilates in Mandarin” with Selena and our qualified Pilates instructor Iris. This one-hour session with pilates practice and social will refresh and lift up your body and mind. 

Thursdays 7PM


(1 Hour)


Breakfast & Bible-study

(In Mandarin)

Interested in faith? Longing to get closer to the truth or engaging in the most intriguing debate for humankind at all times? Welcome to join Selena at Breakfast Bible Study every Thursday morning for a half-an-hour refreshing and recharging of your mind from the nourishing of the Bible scriptures! 

Please feel free to contact Annie if you have any further inquiries:

Friday 9 AM

(On Zoom


Yoga to unwind

with Chloe

Chloe will lead a breath-led, mindful yoga session that will relax your body and mind, and bring some peace to the end of your week. Slow-moving and gentle, these sessions will be suitable for beginners and people of all levels of ability and fitness.

Special Events

Yoga & Sound healing

with Jennie

Yoga and Sound Healing combined is a wonderful experience, with both tuning into the senses and subtle energies of the mind and body.

Join Jennie, from With Intuition, for Yin Yoga and Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing. Jennie is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and completed her sound healing training in Nepal. 

 1st Dec

6:00 – 7:30pm

Non Students – £12

Students – £6

death cafe

with Hannah

We’re all going to die!  Death Cafe is a safe space to talk about death.  Tea, Cake & no taboos.

11th November at 7:30pm

(90 mins)

TDOR 2021

with Alex Clare-Young

As part of our work to build safer spaces for all staff and students this event will unite LGBTQ+ and ally communities to raise trans visibility, and also include an act of remembrance.

18th November at 6:00pm

(60 mins)

Gong bath

with Craig

Intentional exposure to a sound bath brings an enhanced awareness of senses which can be applied to everyday life challenges and pleasures.

Join Craig for a Gong Bath to send you on a journey to help your mind, body and soul, relax and rejuvenate. 

Craig is an IPHM Approved Holistic Therapist in Manchester

10th Feb,  at 7:30pm

(90 mins)