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The Well : Live

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Stronger Together Pilates

With Rachel

Pilates is all about strength, balance and alignment, and – seriously – have we ever been in more need of being strong, well-balanced and getting things a little more lined up?! This session gives you the chance to do something for yourself – Stand taller! Stronger! Better equipped to face the challenges head-on – whilst connecting with your fellow human in an interactive, community class led by Rachel from our studio.

Breakfast Yoga

with Esmerelda

Start the day with gratitude and purpose without leaving your room. A 40 minute Hatha yoga session to set you ready for anything, followed by 20 minutes to connect and chat with your yogi class-mates – wherever they may be. Pop the kettle on, pour some cereal and prepare to mull over a different question together each week. Do it all in your pyjamas… this is the ’new normal’ after all…

Evening Pause

with Selena

A safe space for Mandarin speaking students to support each other, letting conversation flow amongst like-minded friends – old, new, and so-new-we’ve-not-met-yet. Post-graduates and undergraduates welcome, with separate Zoom-rooms used if needed! A space to explore faith and pray together, where no worry is out of bounds and everyone is welcome. 

  • Please note, this session will be in Mandarin.

Every Wednesday, 7pm. Starts 7th October

Pilates in Mandarin

with Selena and Iris

Another Pilates opportunity, this time for our Mandaring speaking sister and brothers. Join Selena, leader of our Mandarin Community, and Iris – our specialist Pilates teacher – for this session tailored just for you! 30 minutes of Pilates in Mandarin led by Iris, followed by a social online space to build community and catch up on how the class was for you.

Fortnightly Thursdays, 7:00PM. Starts 8th October. 

Level 2

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

with Amy

This is a good one. An 8-week course, and you need to sign-up to come along in advance (bear with me, here) but by the end even the very newest of new-comers to meditation will have a good idea of what it’s all about. Want to learn how to find some still in this crazy ole world? Of course you do…. and this course will teach you one way to step out on that journey. Our accredited teacher Amy will guide you through this process, gently leading you to the still places beyond the hustle. 

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

As part of our work to build safer spaces for all staff and students this event will unite LGBTQ+ and ally communities to raise trans visibility, and also include an act of remembrance.

Mandarin Community Festival: Live

Fancy a big fat Mandarin Community Festival every month? A great big get-together of everything Mandarin, with a different topic each month, special guests, and the opportunity to learn about British culture and help build our online diverse and growing community. Selena will lead these monthly sessions, offering welcome and belonging to Mandarin speaking students who are often a long way from home. Join us for a fun night of Mandarin Community, making new friends and connecting with those from around the world.

Monthly online gathering hosted on Oct 27, Nov 24, Dec 15 at 6:00PM


Our season is called All Will Be Well. Sometimes people hear this as a hopeful statement, but we also see it as a protest statement – ‘we WILL do what we can do make things well’ – and a question mark… “When will things be well? How? And What will Well look like?” 

We want to open up a couple of nights of no-holds-barred questions. No agendas, no tricks and no bugs. Just the chance to say it like it is, be heard and to listen to others. Hannah will open the floor, hold the online space, and be there to share her own journey through 2020 as part of our community of newcomers to these strange times. 

How’s Your Lockdown Life been?

Oct 26, 2020 7:00 PM

How Normal is your 'new normal' looking?

Dec 8, 2020 5:00-6:30 PM

Death Café

Let’s face it, Death has had a good year. With a million souls lost to covid-19 (at time of writing), that’s a grim tally of loss, suffering and bereavement. Hannah has been running Death Café’s for many years, but this year more than ever feels an important moment to gather. 

Usually we provide the drinks and cake, but this time we’re online and will simply open the usual safe and confidential space to talk about anything to do with death and dying. It’s been a tough year, this is a place where it’s ok to talk about that.

Nov 12, 2020 6:00 PM