St Peter's House, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

Chaplaincy to The Manchester Universities. The RNCM & The University Of Law.

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Featured Classes


Stronger Together Pilates

With Rachel

Pilates is all about strength, balance and alignment, and – seriously – have we ever been in more need of being strong, well-balanced and getting things a little more lined up?! This session gives you the chance to do something for yourself – Stand taller! Stronger! Better equipped to face the challenges head-on – whilst connecting with your fellow human in an interactive, community class led by Rachel from our studio.


Breakfast Yoga

With Esmeralda

Start the day with gratitude and purpose without leaving your room. A 40 minute Hatha yoga session to set you ready for anything, followed by 20 minutes to connect and chat with your yogi class-mates.

Mandarin Community Festival

In Mandarin

Celebrating all things in Mandarin! This fun festive evening is the best to help you get away from the “isolation” with interesting topics and friendships to share! Join Mandarin Community with this one-hour social gathering to explore your online social life further.

Following our Facebook page to find out new topic for each session:

Fortnightly Tuesday at 7 PM – Online

20th April, 11/25th May,    8th/22nd June

(1 Hour)


Bee-Keeping for Beginners

With Ben

The busy bees on our roof are a hardworking bunch. We’ve been using and selling the honey from our hives in Milk & Honey café, which is about as local honey as it can possibly be! 
Beekeeping at SPH has two parts to it, there is a theory and practical element to it.  The theory part has finished for this year, but if you want to get involved with the practicals then please sign up.  (Place are limited)

Wednesday at 12:30 PM

(45 mins)


Breakfast & Bible-study

(In Mandarin)

Interested in faith? Longing to get closer to the truth or engaging in the most intriguing debate for humankind at all times? Welcome to join Selena at Breakfast Bible Study every Thursday morning for a half-an-hour refreshing and recharging of your mind from the nourishing of the Bible scriptures! 

Please feel free to contact Selena if you have any further inquiries:

Thursdays 9 AM

(30 mins)


Lunch break gardening

With Choel

Step away from your desk and join us for as long as you like over your lunch-hour. Sow some seeds, pull some weeds, switch off while you can. Equipment provided, but come willing to get your hands mucky

Thursdays 12-2 pM

(Stay as long as you like )

Pilates In Mandarin

With Selena And Iris [In Mandarin]

Join our popular “Pilates in Mandarin” with Selena and our qualified Pilates instructor Iris. This one-hour session with pilates practice and social will refresh and lift up your body and mind. 

Alternate Thursdays 7PM


(1 Hour)


mindfulness meditation

We will guide you through some mindfulness practices, gently leading you to the still places beyond the hustle.