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Love is what unites all the major world faiths, and so One Love – our multi-faith programme at St Peter’s House – keeps the focus firmly on what we can learn from each in unity and community.

One Love programmes brings together people from different faith backgrounds and traditions, who are excited and curious about learning, living and loving alongside those who may understand things differently. They will each contribute their own perspectives and the wisdom of their own faith traditions to a shared journey towards understanding more about the One Love that unites.

One Love Quiet Space

A peaceful multi-faith spot for prayer, silence or reflection.

Anyone is welcome to visit the One Love Quiet Space at St Peter’s House.

The Chapel

At the heart of it all lies our little chapel.

Pass through on your way to Milk & Honey cafe, or stop to light a candle.

Every day at St Peter’s House begins with a pause as the team meet in the chapel for morning prayer. Everyone is welcome to join us as we slow down and prepare for the day to come.

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