St Peter's House, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

Chaplaincy to The Manchester Universities. The RNCM & The University Of Law.

The Spark Rooms

“The Spark Rooms at St Peter’s House are a space that disrupts the expected and beats with a different frequency. Art amplifies the sacred… this is a place where tiny sparks blaze bright

‘The Spark Rooms’ are a supportive hub for social enterprises, charities and people working in the third sector. The sector is full of people who want to change the world; people who care for the most marginalised, who love our planet and believe and work for a better future. They are the people who help make Manchester the city that we love..

St. Peter’s House is home to Milk & Honey Cafe, our not for- profit community café, ‘The Well’ project and a broad Wholeness programme. Currently based within The Spark Rooms, more broadly within St. Peter’s House, or regular groups meeting within our space are:

 The DePaul Trust (North West Office)
 Greater Manchester Higher
 Thirty Pound Gentleman
 Proper Job Theatre
 Rainbow Noir
 Invisible Manchester

It’s a diverse, wonderful and interesting mix of people who are trying to make the city a better place for all.

Collaborate with us

We are seeking people and organisations who ‘speak our language’ to base their work in The Spark Rooms – a broad and diverse group of collaborators whose ideas and energy will cross-pollinate and take things in unexpected directions. Eight office ‘pods’ and two larger studio spaces are available, and we are inviting applications for a space within The Spark Rooms and the opportunity to become a collaborator in this curious new community

To apply please submit one side of A4 (or equivalent length other medium such as video, music or product), demonstrating the work you do and why you would like to become part of things at The Spark Rooms. Please show us how you meet criteria for potential collaborators.

Criteria for collaborators:


  • A clearly articulated vision for social and/or environmental good, and a sustainable, business model that demonstrates feasibility, good strategic planning and management to deliver this. 
  • Sympathetic to the vision, values and ethos of St Peter’s House – committed to inclusivity, equality and mutual respect. 
  • Generosity and openness to collaboration. A willingness to work and learn alongside others in a supportive and creative environment, to share learning and support others in developing their work.

The Spark Rooms provides:


  • The opportunity be part of a growing community of people contributing to wider social good.  
  • Affordable rent, inclusive of Utilities and Wi-Fi.
  • 5 x 2 desk private pods, 
  • 10% discount on meeting room hire within St Peter’s House.
  • 10% discount on hire of 250 seater auditorium space.
  • A separate, secure entrance to pods and studio spaces. 
  • ‘Clean Slates’ – freedom to ‘brand’ your space and reflect your work and personality.