The Well: Our Partners

On the wall in Milk & Honey, we have a mural, drawn by a friend of ours when we opened three years ago. “We believe in the abundant good in our fine city of Manchester”, it begins…. Lockdown has shown us just how fragile much of life is – including our food supply. At Milk & Honey we work with local suppliers, and also with growers to use up surplus harvests to minimise food waste.

The Well Project has been able to take things further, drawing on the desire of so many to work together to tackle the problems caused by COVID-19. We’re working with smaller partners organisations who share our vision – some are donating freshly baked loaves each week, whilst others who work across the country to redistribute surplus food from the food industry. From Foodbanks to farmers, urban growers to local family wholesalers… we’re grateful for all the support. You’re helping us make The Well happen.

“Good things come together at Milk & Honey café.”

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