Wholeness Studio Sessions

The Well is a holistic response, and a rich and diverse Wholeness Programme is offered

The Wholeness Programme at St Peter’s House has developed over the past few years, and is now based is our beautiful, onsite Wholeness Studio. We work with friends and trusted colleagues to deliver a programme that is unique and nurturing, focussed on restoring and honouring wholeness in the full human experience.


Whilst our Studio is closed, we have decided to make our programme available at no cost to all visitors to St Peters House – digital as they may be! We invite you to explore our programme of Studio Sessions, podcasts, classes, blogs and meditations, and hope that you will find your time with us gentle, inspiring and restorative.

Wholeness Studio Sessions

A range of accessible videos – free for all to use and enjoy – designed to challenge, invigorate and restore.

For The Well and community members area please see link below.

Suitable for all. Enjoy, my friend.

Pretty much beginner, may as well have a go if you’re fit and well

A bit of a step on, but you may surprise yourself. Sit out anything you’re not sure

Do this if you know your way around a yoga mat.

You know you’ve got this.

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