St Peter's House, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

Chaplaincy to The Manchester Universities. The RNCM & The University Of Law.



Pause/Move on.

Breathe in.

Breathe Out.

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”

Richard Rohr

Alternative Christmas Carol Concert



Below is our script for the spoken word.


I am ready for a better story

A tiny drop of light that blooms into a blinding starlight-bright story

A can’t-quite-hear-it whisper that grows and fills the sky with singing story

I am ready for a better story.


I am ready for a can’t-wait-to-tell-it story

A once-heard-never-forgotten story

I’ve been waiting through this broken year to hear this story hopefully…

Yes, I’m so ready for a better story. 


I am ready for a story like a star in the sky

Seen far in the East, that draws like moths through the night

The wisest, the sagest; consulting their charts

their deep inner knowing, their mystical hearts,

Led though the deserts beneath velvet, jewelled dark –

All ready for new stories, and playing their parts. 


I am ready for a story like a cold, hillside night

exploded to stardust by radiant light.

I am ready for singing that breaks through the quiet

and shatters the silence, the stillness 

as riots of heavenly angelic voices let loose, yes; Hark!

All ready for new stories, and playing their part. 


I am ready for a story like a belly full of life,

the universe stretched tight beneath a young woman’s heart.

A story of mystery, of dreams, set apart, 

But a story that delivers when brave people start to listen to dreams, to risk all for love…

All ready for this story, and playing their part. 


What a year for a story! This year like no other,

Now draws us to an end, round the fire, like a mother. 

And the story the same every year, but still new

Because it changes with me, and it changes with you. 

In a belly-full of life or a sky-full of song, 

The star full of wonder leading magi along,

And now we wait for the baby, bringing light, hope and peace 

In the midst of this broken year of loss, pain and disease. 


I’m ready for a story that holds the threads of this year

Says, ‘what if?’, sprinkles magic and let’s new dreams appear

That holds all our sadness, our hurt and our anger, 

Wraps us gently in swaddling cloths and lays us in a manger. 

That sings songs of hope, holds us close to Her heart

I’m ready for this story; now let me play my part. 


I am ready for a better story, 

The Christmas story that says there is a bigger story,

The rich and poor, and all the faiths, and let no-one be excluded story,

I’m ready for the Christmas story. 


I am ready for the Christmas story, 

The love-come-down, big-mystery story, 

A rescue-it-from history story…

A human story, hope story, don’t-we-need-it-this-year story?

I’m ready for the Christmas story. 

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