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The Well

In books of old, ‘the well’ is often at the heart of things. It was literally and symbolically the centre of the community, representing everything that the people needed to endure and thrive. The people gathered, they got what they needed, they went out refreshed.

‘The Well’ is our holistic and practical response to covid-19. We’re using all our resources to serve our community on and around campus in these tough times. 

  • Do you need support from The Well? 

    We can provide emergency help with food, and offer holistic wellbeing support too. Help is available, don’t wait for a crisis – if you know that you are struggling with food and finances, refer yourself today.

    Who do we accept referrals from? 

    We accept referrals of students and staff from any of the Manchester Universities, or any Hulme resident (M15). You can refer yourself, or refer someone else if you know someone in need of support. 

    What does The Well offer?

    We provide a weekly Well Pack with 7 meal-kits for every night of the week, or ready-made, cooked and frozen meals for those who aren’t able to cook for themselves. There will also be enough groceries to help with lunches, breakfasts and some snacks and treats too. You’ll find recipes and links to step-by-step cookery classes too, along with a diverse programme of nurturing and sustaining good stuff to help you through these tough times.

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Our Food

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This Week's Recipes

You can find a full library of all our recipes, including step-by-step cookery classes, videos with members of our team here.  Search for a new recipe or cook something new – we’re with you every step of the way!

We’re also streaming recipes and cookery tips on our IGTV channel. Pop over to watch us in action and behind the scenes at the Well.

What's in a Well Pack?

We provide three different Well Packs, allowing us to respond to the unique needs to each person who refers to The Well:

Well Pack A offers seven dinner-kits a week, with fresh and dry ingredients, recipe cards and online cookery step-by-step classes for each meal – everything made easy so that eating well becomes a simple pleasure.

Well Pack B provides seven pre-cooked, chilled and ready-to-heat meals for those within our community who aren’t able to cook for whatever reason. Prepared and cooked in Milk & Honey, then packaged-up and delivered with love.

Well Pack C is aimed more towards TLC for the soul. If food needs are not at the top of the agenda, we’ll provide inner-glow bakes, cakes and sweet treats, link you in with our nurturing Wholeness programme, and we’re always up for a socially-distanced chat for a bit of human contact too!

On the wall in Milk & Honey, we have a mural, drawn by a friend of ours when we opened three years ago. “We believe in the abundant good in our fine city of Manchester”, it begins…. Lockdown has shown us just how fragile much of life is – including our food supply. At Milk & Honey we work with local suppliers, and also with growers to use up surplus harvests to minimise food waste.

The Well Project has been able to take things further, drawing on the desire of so many to work together to tackle the problems caused by COVID-19. We’re working with smaller partners organisations who share our vision – some are donating freshly baked loaves each week, whilst others who work across the country to redistribute surplus food from the food industry. From Foodbanks to farmers, urban growers to local family wholesalers… we’re grateful for all the support. You’re helping us make The Well happen.

“Good things come together at Milk & Honey café.”

Get in touch for more information or to work with us: 

The Well Programme

The Well is a holistic response, and a rich and diverse Wholeness Programme is offered

The Wholeness Programme at St Peter’s House is based in our beautiful, onsite Wholeness Studio.  Working with friends and trusted colleagues, we deliver a programme that is unique and nurturing, focussed on restoring and honouring wholeness in the full human experience. 

Whilst our Studio is closed, our programme is fully digital and available to all our online visitors! We invite you to explore this free resource of Studio Sessions, podcasts, classes, blogs and meditations, and hope that you will find your time with us gentle, inspiring and restorative.

  • Wholeness Studio
  • Podcasts
  • Live

Wholeness Studio Sessions

When lockdown happened, life went digital – including our Wholeness Programme. During this time we have recorded and curated an online library of Studio Sessions – all freely available to all our online visitors, and offered as an integral part of The Well. 

Our diverse sessions are unique and nurturing, focussed on restoring and honouring wholeness in the full human experience. The full range of our Wholeness Studio Sessions are accessible to all, and encompass embodied practices (such as yoga and pilates), meditations, explorations of faith, arts-based responses to the unique situation and more. 

We look forward to the day we can deliver our classes and session face-to-face in the Wholeness Studio again, but in the meantime offer our online library of content alongside our Live programme.

Wholeness Studio Sessions

Suitable for all. Enjoy, my friend.

Pretty much beginner, may as well have a go if you’re fit and well

A bit of a step on, but you may surprise yourself. Sit out anything you’re not sure

Do this if you know your way around a yoga mat.

You know you’ve got this.


Switch off from your screen and listen along to our short wonderings…



The Well : Live

Access our Live programme by registering for and joining below.


Featured Event

Event Running Order:

7pm: Introduction and short ’settling/grounding’ practice, led by Hannah.

Conversation around feelings and experiences of the past few weeks.

Reflection, using pencils and paper and guided by Selena. We will light an on-screen candle during this time in memory of Sarah Everard, and thinking of her family and friends at this time.

Mindfulness Meditation, led by Hannah, and followed by shared reflection time.

8pm: Close.

*Please bring your own pencils and paper to join in the reflection time*

Hannah Skinner is one of our Directors and leaders of the chaplaincy team here at St Peters House, and is experienced in leading people and groups through ‘hard conversations’ dealing with painful emotions and tough feelings. Selena Tai leads the Mandarin Community, drawing this International group into a safe and welcoming space, and is experienced in leading reflections and mediations using art and multi-cultural themes.

This event is designed for anyone who identifies as a woman to gather to share feelings and experiences – therefore, in this instance those identifying as male are not invited to attend. We may run a second event which is more focused on conversations between those identifying and men, women or non-binary – but this is not that event.

Feeling all stirred up? A million feelings swirling in your heart, head and tummy since the horrific murder of Sarah Everard and subsequent conversations around women’s safety and lived experience? We get it… Particularly in our ‘locked-down’ lives it can be hard to process, reflect and express all these hard feelings. Many people may have found conversations in the public realm this week hard, as they may have been triggering of past experiences or memories. Even if you have not been directly triggered, the tone and content of the week’s reporting has been heavy and upsetting.

We would like to invite you to an event on Tuesday 30th March, 7-8pm to gently explore feelings which may have arisen around these topics.

’Safe Spaces: Women’s Voices’ is a chance to gently be with your own emotions over the last few weeks. This is not a protest or activist event (though there are many other such vital events you may wish to join), and it is not a space where we can offer counselling or focused emotional support. Instead, using reflective practices and short periods of mindfulness meditation we will allow ourselves time to be with our feelings as they are. There’ll also be times to talk and share together.


Featured Classes


Stronger Together Pilates

With Rachel

Pilates is all about strength, balance and alignment, and – seriously – have we ever been in more need of being strong, well-balanced and getting things a little more lined up?! This session gives you the chance to do something for yourself – Stand taller! Stronger! Better equipped to face the challenges head-on – whilst connecting with your fellow human in an interactive, community class led by Rachel from our studio.

Monday at 1 PM

(1 Hour)


Breakfast Yoga

With Esmeralda

Start the day with gratitude and purpose without leaving your room. A 40 minute Hatha yoga session to set you ready for anything, followed by 20 minutes to connect and chat with your yogi class-mates – wherever they may be. Pop the kettle on, pour some cereal and prepare to mull over a different question together each week. Do it all in your pyjamas… this is the ’new normal’ after all…

Tuesday at 8:30 AM

(1 Hour)

Mandarin Community Festival

In Mandarin

Celebrating all things in Mandarin! This fun festive evening is the best to help you get away from the “isolation” with interesting topics and friendships to share! Join Mandarin Community with this one-hour social gathering to explore your online social life further.

Following our Facebook page to find out new topic for each session:

Fortnightly Tuesday at 7 PM, 9/23rd Feb, 9/23rd March

(1 Hour)


Bee-Keeping for Beginners

The busy bees on our roof are a hardworking bunch. We’ve been using and selling the honey from our hives in Milk & Honey café, which is about as local honey as it can possibly be! 
Beekeeping at SPH has two parts to it, there is a theory and practical element to it.  Firstly there is the theory which is a fortnightly 45 minute class (currently on Zoom) that will introduce you to some of the basics of Beekeeping, this starts on 24th February
24th February          Welcome  – The Bee
10th  March             The basic equipment!
24th March              Natural History of the Honeybee
14th April                 Beekeeping  
28th  April                Disease, Poisoning & Pests

Wednesday at 1 PM

(45 Mins)


Breakfast & Bible-study

(In Mandarin)

Interested in faith? Longing to get closer to the truth or engaging in the most intriguing debate for humankind at all times? Welcome to join Selena at Breakfast Bible Study every Thursday morning for a half-an-hour refreshing and recharging of your mind from the nourishing of the Bible scriptures! 

Please feel free to contact Selena if you have any further inquiries:

Thursdays 9 AM

(30 mins)

Pilates In Mandarin

With Selena And Iris [In Mandarin]

 New Year, New You!! Come back on track and say goodbye to your Lockdown belly! Join our popular “Pilates in Mandarin” with Selena and our qualified Pilates instructor Iris. This one-hour session with pilates practice and social will refresh and lift up your body and mind. 

Fortnightly Thursday at 7 PM, 4/18th Feb, 4/18th March, 1st April

(1 Hour)


Drop-in Mindfulness Medidation

With Amy

Our accredited teacher Amy will guide you through some mindfulness practices, gently leading you to the still places beyond the hustle.

Fridays at 1 PM

(1 Hour)