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All Will Be Well??


All Will Be Well??


All Will Be Well. All Will Be Well…..? If I say it often enough can I make it sounds more real. More true. 


We all know that, at the moment, at any given time things can all change again. “Christmas is cancelled!” “Lockdown returns….” And no certainty as to when the horizon gets brighter. All Will Be Well. Ok……


There are two sides of me in conversation here – either are louder or quieter on different days, depending on all manner of things. The weather, the news, how long it is since I last had human contact outside of people I’m biologically or legally related to…. 


Voice 1: How will things be ‘well’ again? When? And what about all the things that have gone wrong whilst we are/were waiting for ‘well’ to come back? ‘Well’ was ‘before covid’… I liked the way things were, I miss them and it’s not OK that our lives have been reduced to waiting for ‘normal’ to return. 


Voice 2: Somewhere deep inside, below the churning, chatter and noise of the ‘not OK’s’ and the ‘not fairs’ I kind of still believe that All Will Be Well. I don’t even know why… but I do. I still do. That’s not an argument, I know, but it’s a feeling… and sometimes – in this world full of harsh facts and hard realities, I’m OK with going with my gut. And when I sink deep and listen to the little voice within, something still whispers that All Will Be Well. 


Voice 2 points me to the way this year has changed so beautifully from Spring to Summer to Autumn, even whilst the whole human world has stopped within it. And, of course, the world does this every year, and that’s the point. It never stops. I’m such a small player in such a big cycle of life, death and starting again. Winter will come soon… the darkness and the cold. But the darkness allows for tiny lights that grow bigger, flickering candles and fires that will warm me. Then just as I feel that the world will forever be wrapped in velvet darkness – snowdrops, crystal mornings, fluffy baby birds on my window-sill and bulbs peeking through the frozen soil. The same every year, whatever happens in my suddenly small human experience. I watch the world slowly spinning…. and All Will Be Well.


Maybe you have a similar conversation going on within you, or maybe you have a totally different set of voices and perspectives? For me, though – and maybe you if you’re tuned into the same frequencies – I have to remind myself that it’s OK to stick with Voice 1 for a while. She matters and her opinions are fully valid. Just as I wouldn’t hush or gloss over the views and worries of any other friend, she needs to be heard (or she might just get louder!) I allow her to speak, I just choose to spend more time with my more positive friend, aka Voice no. 2.

All Will Be Well? Really? These are the questions we ask over and over this year. Next Monday I’ll be live on a computer near you, on Zoom, ready to talk with anyone who fancies sharing their own internal conversation, and maybe where you’re up to with musings on ‘All Will Be Well’… It’s OK to give space to all the ‘voices’ inside you, so this will be a chance to share the questions, the hope and the frustrations – knowing that there are no answers but that we’re all in it together. 


All Will Be Well…

All Will Be Well…?

All Will Be Well. 


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