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Chaplaincy to The Manchester Universities. The RNCM & The University Of Law.

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Fault Lines

You know that thing that always happens when you get stressed? That behaviour you’d rather ignore, but that always crops back up again when things

People Just Do Nothing

I’ve not seen this show (which in itself makes it noteworthy TV after my year of lockdown viewing), though I hear its very watchable. However,

A New Year’s Imagination

And so begins another week – another year – of writing to you. Like messages in a bottle, I settle in my hushed home sending

You Are Part of a Better Story

You Are Part of a Better Story I’m ready for a story that holds the threads of this year Says, ‘what if…?’,  Sprinkles magic, and

A Better Story: Spoken Word

    Below is our script for the spoken word.   I am ready for a better story A tiny drop of light that blooms

Winter Nights

St Peters House · Winter Nights – Hannah Skinner     Winter Nights I’ve not been sleeping so well recently. Some nights it feels I

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St Peters House · Vulnerability – Hannah Skinner – St Peter's House     I’ve been looking around and struggling to find a word to

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Tearing Down The Walls

St Peters House · Tearing Down Walls     Tearing Down The Walls   There’s fire in the belly of the earth this week. Did

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St Peters House · Remember…   I feel like I’ve been picked up by a gust of Winter wind, flurried around with a thousand curling

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