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Breathe in.

Breathe Out.

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”

Richard Rohr

Things Seen and Unseen

A goodbye from Milk & Honey 

Today is the day we close the doors to Milk & Honey Café for the last time, and it’s also the day that our community at The Well will collect their final Well Packs. We’ve been reflecting on all of this and all this place has been for so many people. Our Director, Hannah, has written some beautiful last words to end this chapter that you can read below. 


Things Seen and Unseen 

First steps, first kisses, first stop after the phone-call no parent should ever receive;
People with nowhere else to go,
People with nowhere else to stay safe, to feel seen,
People who come feeling alone and find they belong – and are part of something Bigger yet.

Hands held in the loss of miscarriage,
Hearts held in the bleakness of end-of-the-road, middle-of-the-night feelings;
Those searching for God,
Those running from God;
A rainbow of life – plants, animals, people – Living Lightly, Loving Loudly.

We made this place beautiful together, and beauty has no ‘last day’.
Look for the ripples, knowing they are carried with and stirred by you.
Milk & Honey believed in peace, wholeness and healing for all;
As we close the door today – go gently, hold close that vision, and breathe it to life.  

Looking back on The Well

We are so proud of all our work at The Well, working to support those on the edges of our campus community. To have been able to be there for our community for so long has been a wonderful thing. We’ve always avoided the language of ‘poverty’ – its not about that, it’s about seeing injustice and doing something about it.

When small charities close down, and essential services like The Well are lost, it’s people and communities who already have the least that lose more. And within that, people who are excluded or have less power (because they are disabled, Black and Brown people, people of colour, women, the LGBTQIA+
communities) are disproportionately represented. So when we think about who closing The Well hurts the most, we know its the people who already have the least.

We’re working very hard with our partners and community to find alternative places and offers of support. Our work doesn’t end today.

With love from the Milk & Honey team

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