Take-Me-Home Dinner Kit

Take Me Home: Veganuary

This Veganuary we’ve created a  tasty little cook-at-home, plant-based recipe kit (you know this, because you’ve sensibly headed here to arrange yours!)

 We know that people can be worried about trying plant-based or vegan cooking. “Its too complicated, too many ingredients, too expensive, relies too much on ingredients flown in from all around the world….” Some folks worry it even encourages disordered eating and a joyless approach to food. We’ve been sharing some of our perspectives on these views this month – you’ll find our musings added to the website through January, and also shared on our socials. 
However, the real test is in the cooking/eating/tasting – and that’s where our ‘Take Me Home’ Veganuary Kit plays a part. We hope that through cooking and enjoying our recipe kit you’ll either have a little penny-drop moment and go on to enjoy exploring more plant-based recipes at home, or – if you’re already in the swing – you’ll just enjoy the ride. Either’s good for us!
There  is one Take Me Home kits this Veganuary, and you can collect it all day from Milk & Honey cafe on Monday 30th January.

Any questions, thoughts, ideas or just fancy a chat about anything we’ve shared above – send us over an email


To order please fill in the form below.  (£7 per kit)

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